VTX UV Light Meter
VTX UV Light Meter
VTX UV Light Meter

VTX UV Light Meter

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The VTX UV Light Meter will enable you to make informed decisions on how to protect your workforce.  Using the traffic light chart, you can ascertain the current UV Index in the area that you are working in and based on your procedures advise your workforce to use sun cream or provide suitable protection clothing to protect from the sun’s harmful rays

The “VTX” UV Light Meter has been designed, manufactured and delivered under strict quality criteria and is easy to use, has an auto power off function, a measuring range covering both UVA & UVB. It also features and minimum and maximum function built-in and a large backlit LCD display.

  • Measuring Range: 1 – 3999 uw/cm2 - 0.01 to 39.99 mw/cm2
  • Sensitivity Wavelength (nm): 260nm~395nm
  • Wavelength for calibration (nm): 365nm
  • Accuracy: +/- 3%rdg +/-5dgts
  • Temperature Characteristics: +/- 0.1%/°C (away from 25°C)
  • Response Time: 5sec
  • Light Detector: UV Photodiode
  • Operation Temp./humidity: 0°C~40°C (32°F~104°F), 0~80%RH
  • Storage Temp./humidity: -10°C~50°C (14°F~122°F), 0~70% RH
  • Over Range: OL- displayed
  • Power Supply: 5v type AA battery x2
  • Power Life:  0 Hours
  • Dimensions: 169mm (L) x 63mm (W) x 37mm (H)
  • Weight:210g
  • Accessories Included: Batteries & Instruction Manual