VTX Electronic Diffusion Tube (EDT)
VTX Electronic Diffusion Tube (EDT)
VTX Electronic Diffusion Tube (EDT)
VTX Electronic Diffusion Tube (EDT)

VTX Electronic Diffusion Tube (EDT)

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VTX introduces the Electronic Diffusion Tube (EDT): a single gas data logger with ppb resolution using the proven VTX A4 family of electrochemical ppb gas sensors.

VTX now provides a solution to some old problems:

  • Traditional Palmes-type diffusion tubes are commonly used for indicative measurement of nitrogen dioxide (NO ) in cities for Local Air Quality Management. However sampling over several weeks gives only one 2 average concentration for the entire sampling period and the result is reported weeks after the measurement.
  • Odours which were previously ignored by local industry and city councils are now headline problems. There is a growing requirement to monitor odour plumes around landfills, waste water treatment plants, agricultural/ poultry farms and industrial sites - but the cost of the necessary network of monitoring nodes is prohibitive. Hydrogen Sulfide (H S) is the most commonly measured gas for odour detection.

Features Include:

  • Low cost EDT makes networks affordable

  • 1 minute logging interval

  • Records relative humidity and ambient temperature

  • Four months’ battery life from two non-rechargeable Lithium AA cells

  • Designed to IP67 specification

  • Mounting bracket connects easily to walls and poles

  • Gases include NO , NO +O , H S, SO and CO. Sensor data sheets specify sensor performance 22322

  • Data analysis support through VTX cloud includes advanced correction algorithms

  • Custom labelling on request

Click here for PDF Datasheet