Workers depend on their skills to get the job done safely. More importantly, they depend on their hands to put those skills to work. Knives cause more disabling injuries than any other type of hand tool.

Innovative gloves made with high quality fiber helps protect them for the job at hand. Comprehensive safety knife solutions for the prevention of cut injuries and damage to goods.

Hand lacerations and abrasions are some of the most common injuries in any work environment. Injuries cost time, money and most importantly worker's trust in empolyers. VTX can perform an on-site review of hand injuries and recommend solutions for preventing them. With a comprehensive line of hand and arm protection products, VTX's goal is to keep working hands safe.

We pride ourselves on providing superior quality products, support for distributors and retailers.

Our unique and proprietary products including:

  • Cut Resistant Gloves
  • Thermal Gloves
  • Safety Knives

Safety Knife Range

Safety knives help to make your working environment a safer place to be in. Frequently safety knives are undervalued and the importance in choosing the correct knife for your application is underestimated. We will help you to make the right choice. In addition to the safety features, the knives are ergonomically designed, suitable for right and left handed use and have replaceable blades. Our safety knife range offers a variety of professional products to increase productivity in a safe environment.

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Safety Gloves Range

All gloves have value based on application, length of use and risk. Thats why selecting the right glove is not as simple as one may think. There are many factors that go into determining the correct product. Advanced polymer fibers are the backbone of high-tech gloves. Used principally as support for gloves and arm sleeves, these fibers can be transformed in to various types and forms. It is important to understand every facet of the glove materials and design to maximize protection, dexterity and comfort.

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Safety Accessories

Safety Knife Blade Dispensers and Safety Glove Holders have has a proven record of reducing glove loss and hand injuries giving them a strong return on investment. Blade dispensers offer presentational options coupled with the security afforded from enclosing sharp edges thus minimising operative accidents and damage to blade edges, With glove clips and glove holders from VTX, gloves are securely held to the workers belt or clothing. Glove loss is reduced and so is your overhead.

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